Ace Law is committed to contribute to a sustainable society for the future. Through the Ace Foundation, which we set up in September 2020, we devote time and funding* to initiatives which promote the development of certain communities in our society and/or which have a positive environmental impact. 

We build our support around the following pillars of the Ace Foundation: 

Pro bono work: Our Aces devote some of their time to provide free legal services to people in need or to not-for-profit organisations that serve the underprivileged and disadvantaged in our society. In addition to free legal services, they will also contribute time to support charitable projects or to mentor disadvantaged youth. 

Charitable donations: Annually, the Ace Foundation supports a number of charities that either serve disadvantaged youth or focus on bringing communities together. The charities are carefully selected by the Ace Foundation’s board of directors, consisting of Aces as well as some non-Aces. 

The Ace Foundation Plant a Tree Action: Through Ace Digital, Ace Law has the ambition to become a full digital law firm in the near future. Thereto Ace Law pledges to plant 50 trees for each digital/paperless closing of a transaction it will support. 

The Ace Foundation CollectionArts and culture are essential for building communities and supporting development. The Ace Foundation purchases art work from young artists with a particular life story, establishing an Ace Foundation Collection. We exhibit the works in public spaces and we actively support the artists during the Ace Foundation events. Any income realised by the Ace Foundation Collection is fully reinvested in the charitable causes of the Ace Foundation. 

* Funding of the Ace Foundation comes through charitable donations, events and 1% of the gross revenues of Ace Law that are re-routed to the Ace Foundation. We will publish a report on an annual basis.